A testimonial by Thinny, one of our students from the winter/spring term giving her opinion about our classes.

Congratulations to Thinny !

  • After two twelve-week terms, the originally shy and reserved Thinny, became an English teacher herself. 
  • She successfully completed a 6-month contract as an online English teacher. Thinny (Thuy Phan Thanh) always expressed the care and student follow-up that we stressed in class.
  • As of December, 2018 she is employed in private industry as the International Development Consultant for Vietnamese food products to Europe, Africa and the Americas.  She credits her improved command of spoken English communication skills for her current employment.


  • Our conversational English class student “ForD” (Trang Trung Giang) passed his University Spoken/Written proficiency exam with a score of 94%. He attended our class for two 6-week sessions helping him achieve one of the highest grades in class. Congratulations to ForD! 


  • During our winter term four francophone African students participated in our class, these students are getting their master’s degree in computer engineering. Pictured below is our end-of-term social celebration.


  • Olivier, Ollie and Zack, our new students.

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