Minimum class size: 6 people.
Maximum class size: 14 people.

Prices and discounts can be found in the Fees and Payment section.


Classes for University students and young adults: Ages 18-and up, Fridays from 8:30 pm.

Classes for Teachers: Sundays (time and locations to be determined).

Other Classes; IELTS,  middle-management, professionals, retirees or on-location business short courses can be scheduled:  Please request more information through our Contact link


In addition to the 12 month Julian Calendar, Vietnamese people observe a 13-month lunar calendar, including the month of Tết, the 13th month. Virtually all businesses , banks and governmental offices close (including the US Embassy !). People leave the cities to return to their family’s traditional country homes celebrating Tết holiday. During Tết, our classes are suspended.

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Tết in 2019 began FEBRUARY 5th, (in 2020, it will begin January 25th). It is the celebration of both the New Year and the beginning of Spring.

Beginning at the first new moon of the new year. OFFICIALLY Tết holiday lasts 7 days plus weekends, however because of travel, many people extend their time to include the entire 30 day Tết Season.

Children, adolescent and youth classes are only offered during the Summer term.

University and Adult Classes are conducted year round.

Days without classes: December 25th (Christmas day), December 31 and January 1st (New Years Eve and Day) and recognized Vietnamese Holidays


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